a new adventure

I have always had a passion for the written word. But it was not until my two wonderful little girls were born that I was more inspired to write. So I am writing a book to hopefully begin a series of books based on my children. The book is titled
*Aisley and Ala* When I Grow Up

and it is about a common argument my daughters have about what they are going to do when they grow up.

I have enlisted the help of a new friend and fantastic artist named Natascha Artworx to do the illustrations for the book. She has already completed a rough draft that looks amazing. Take a look at her other work at http://natascha-artworx.webs.com/

Be looking out for a sneak peak of the book in this blog. Let me know what you think, follow / subscribe the blog and tell your friends to visit the site as well.

We need your feedback and your help to get the word out! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Publisher Search

I have been actively searching and researching publishers the last few weeks. I have found one that may be a winner for us. It's called AuthorHouse. Not only do they provide marketing and advertising, they handle all orders and WE MAINTAIN THE RIGHTS. That last one was a big deal for me. I don't like the idea of someone else owning my work. We would still be basically self-publishing but AuthorHouse would help us with the things that I'm not good at!

I haven't talked to Natascha about this yet but they also have a deal going on right now that would allow us to publish TWO books for the price of ONE! I'm really excited guys! Please continue to spread the word. Tell all your friends to follow the blog and give us some feedback. Thanks!


  1. check them out with Better Busness B. to be sure they have no complaints against them.If they are leget it sounds good. How much of the profit do they get?

  2. Hi BGO! I have not checked Authorhouse with the BBB. I will be sure to do that! I don't know about how the profit is split. Thanks for bringing those important issues up! :)